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Pair of Plant Stands by Louis Majorelle 1907 Mahogany #2

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Product information:
Exquisite pair of stylized Art Nouveau plant stands / pedestals by Louis Majorelle designed in 1907 with carved ''Vigne Vierge'' decorations. Each pedestal has 3 tiers and the top tiers rotate 360 degrees. Exquisite crafted and fully hand carved with much attention to detail. This is a very rare design of Louis Majorelle that is visually stunning and highly practical. They display an amazing warm wood grain that just grabs your eye. Their size make them very impressive when used to display your favorite items or plants.

Louis Majorelle (1859-1926) was a French furniture designer and manufacturer, best known for his Art Nouveau style. Born in the town of Toul in northeastern France, Majorelle studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris before returning to his family's furniture business in Nancy. When his father retired, Majorelle took over the business and transformed it into a successful company that specialized in Art Nouveau furniture and decorative objects. Majorelle's designs were known for their organic forms, flowing lines, and intricate details. He frequently used natural motifs such as flowers, leaves, and insects in his work, and incorporated materials such as wood, glass, and inlaid metal. His furniture pieces were often adorned with intricate carvings and marquetry, and featured luxurious upholstery fabrics. Majorelle also collaborated with other leading Art Nouveau designers and artists, such as Emile Gallé and Victor Prouvé. He believed in the importance of integrating decorative arts into everyday life, and his company produced a wide range of furniture, lighting, ceramics, glassware, and other decorative items. Majorelle's work was celebrated internationally, and he received numerous awards and honors. He was also active in civic affairs, serving as a member of the Nancy City Council and collaborating on the design of several public projects, including the Nancy train station. After his death in 1926, Majorelle's company continued to produce furniture in the Art Deco style, but eventually fell out of fashion. In the late 20th century, however, there was renewed interest in Art Nouveau design, and Majorelle's work regained popularity. Today, his furniture and decorative objects are highly sought after by collectors and design enthusiasts.

Product details:
Designer: Louis Majorelle 
Produced by: Louis Majorelle Nancy
Production period: 1900-1910
Literature/proof: Louis Majorelle Master of Art Nouveau design, Alastair Duncan 1991. Page 103. The Paris Salons 1895-1914 Volume III: Furniture, Alastair Duncan 1991. Page 410. The Paris Salons 1895-1914 Volume III: Furniture, Alastair Duncan 1991. Page 419. displayed at the 1910 Expo in Brussels Belgium.

Product dimensions / condition:
Height: 30.52 inches / 77.5 cm
Width: 20.48 inches / 52 cm
Depth: 20.48 inches / 52 cm
Condition: This set remains in great condition with only a few minor dents and traces of use. our pictures display them perfectly and you can inspect them closely.  

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Pair of Plant Stands by Louis Majorelle 1907 Mahogany #2
Pair of Plant Stands by Louis Majorelle 1907 Mahogany #2 Sale price€23.850,00